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Small Business Is the Lifeblood of Philadelphia

Small businesses play a major role in the U.S. economy. In Philadelphia, small and midsize businesses employed 4 in 10 workers and paid an astounding 50% of all business taxes. According to a Pew Research Center study, Philadelphia is a relative underperformer when compared to other major cities in terms of the number of per capita business establishments. Despite that fact, small business is still an essential component of the region’s economic activity.

You may ask what this means for you as a Philadelphia small business owner. Consider the following points:

  • Fewer per capita businesses means fewer employment opportunities for competitors’ employees;
  • Relatively sparse ecosystem of businesses for residents to patronize means less business competition;
  • Lower level of business revenue causes challenges for raising taxes;
These facts are neither good nor bad; they comprise the overall business landscape of Philadelphia and may present opportunities for businesses in sectors which have little competition; in some areas in may actually be an advantage

Issue Spotting 101

How We Help Small Businesses

As a small business owner, we understand you’re a busy professional who wants to minimize time doing unnecessary tasks because you’re focused on success. We get it. For that reason, we partner with small businesses to take away from the minutiae of their managerial burdens and focus on providing quality legal support which helps them navigate an uncertain world and inspires confidence in their businesess’s future.

Here are a few examples of things we do for small businesses:

  • Manage inter-office disputes & mediation
  • Identify and resolve tax issues
  • Resolve and mitigate corporate governance issues
  • Write restrictive covenants and IP assignments
  • Complete compliance and government licensing
  • Draft franchise agreements and operating manuals
  • Write independent contractor agreements
  • Draft employee handbooks
  • Write employee equity incentive plans
  • Manage employee termination
  • Write employment agreements
  • Draft non-compete agreements, confidentiality, & NDAs
  • Review real estate contracts & leases
  • Litigate business matters
  • Identify investors and raise capital
  • Obtain financing
  • Write affiliate agreements
  • Write commercial loan agreements
  • Enforce intellectual property laws
  • Write master services agreements and SOWs
  • Write SaaS agreements
  • Review and draft vendor agreements

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You're The Employer, You're In Control

Many small businesses require staff to do the myriad of tasks it takes to run a business. In fact, we have heard from a reliable source that hip hop legend Notorious B.I.G. died before his seminal work was completed, entitled, “Mo Staff, Mo Problems.” 

Whenever you bring on employees, or contract workers, to complete a task, you’re at the mercy of an alphabet soup of state and federal statutes dictating how you’re permitted to treat them. Our job is to help you navigate that world and make sure that your employment contracts, policies and procedures, and overall treatment of staff keeps you out of the doghouse. An experienced attorney is of paramount importance to any business which hires staff. 

What We Do

A Few Examples of Our Work

We’ve worked with small businesses in many sectors at ESQx. While each representation is different, pride ourselves on helping them achieve positive outcomes regardless of industry type. Here are a few examples:

Helped an aviation consultant procure government contracts
Established a franchise model for a local moving company
Negotiated a settlement for a food and beverage promotions company

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