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After a rewarding career in software product management and entrepreneurship, Attorney Joe Greco started his business law practice. He has the real-world experience you want in your corner.

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Do you want to learn about franchising, how to franchise your business, and how to know if you're doing it right?

There are SEVEN STEPS to franchising your business:

Write Your FDD

The Franchise Disclosure Document is a federally-regulated document which lays out the details of your franchise to prospective buyers.

Write Your Operations Manual

This is a "brain dump" of everything you've learned as owner of the business which will be handed to new franchisees.

Register Trademarks

Your trademark is a critical elements of your brand which will be licensed to new franchisees.

Establish Entity

Set up the franchising entity which will be your operational corporate headquarters.

Register FDD

Some jurisdictions require you to register the FDD. See the map below for more details.

Create Sales Strategy

Figure out how to sell your franchise to prospective buyers.

Set Plan and Budget

Allocate a stream of revenue which will be dedicated to franchising.

About Attorney


Joe Greco started his professional career in product development and eventually became a senior product manager in the financial industry. He worked and oversaw projects in the millions of dollars before launching his own law firm. 

Joe believes entrepreneurship is a force for good and stands proudly for supporting the Philadelphia-area community. 

“I believe greatest thing one can attain in life is to set one’s own destiny. I see no better way to achieve that than by founding, owning, and operating a business that allows you to live the life you choose.” 

– Joe Greco

Did you know there are 3 different types of franchising categories depending on the state?

That's because franchising is a mixture of federal and state law.

Failure to follow the laws of your state can result in serious penalties. Don't go it alone!

People ask me all the time, "Joe, what's a good business to franchise?"

In short, ANY business can be franchised. If you can explain your process, you can franchise your business!

Generally, there are FOUR types:

"Business Format" Franchises

The most popular of all the types of franchising, and is what most people think about when talking about the franchising industry.

Fast food, restaurants, fitness, and retail.

"Job" Franchises

Low-investment franchise that can be operated alone or with minimal staffing.

Includes businesses like cell phone repair, cleaning services, event planning, plumbing, pool maintenance, travel agencies, lawn care, and more.

"Product" Franchises

These product-driven franchises are where the franchisee distributes the parent company products and some related services.

Car and repair parts, equipment, computers, appliances, bicycles, vending machines, etc.

"Investment" Franchises

An investment franchise is usually a large-scale business that requires a huge capital investment.

Includes hotels, and large restaurants.

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I had a great experience working with Joe. Getting my trademark filed was a breeze. Will be working with him again. Thank you!

- samantha, Philadelphia (trademark filing)

Joe was great throughout the entire engagement. He responded quickly to my emails/texts and provided me with top notch deliverables in a timely manner.

- Tyler, Conshohocken (small business consultation)

Prompt, pleasant, and professional. Never going back to "big law" for my business needs.

- Nick, Gladwyne (Contract review)

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